If you're passionate about pizza (who isn't?) and you live in Raymond, New Hampshire, you may have been excited to find out that Domino's was coming to town, even though there are several other local pizza shops already.

Domino's has been a national chain for decades now, so if you choose them, chances are you'll know what you are getting.  Their pizza hasn't changed much over the years.

According to one private Raymond Facebook group, people seem happy with their experience with a Domino's driver who asked for feedback on his delivery so far.

Here are a couple of responses that echo the general sentiment of the post:

"I don’t have feedback on recent deliveries but i would love love love if y’all would deliver to Epping!! my boyfriend won’t stop b!tching to me about it."


"We’ve ordered twice and been very happy with the delivery time and the customer service from both the store and the driver! Also, I’m impressed you guys even delivered in that snow storm!"

There is, however, much local competition in Raymond for cheesy pies, and almost every one of them has been in Raymond for years.

Fun fact:  Every one of these places is within walking distance of each other.  It might take a while, but with each walk, you could burn off some calories or go on the ultimate pizza tour.

  • Pizza By George: Home of the Sicilian pizza. This family-owned local pizza joint for decades is almost right across the street from Domino's.
  •  GMS Pizza: At one point, this place was the only place that delivered.  That has changed, however.

My Favorite Raymond Pizza Place Really Isn't a Pizza Place at All

As a resident of Raymond for many years, my go-to was always Pizza By George. But lately, my pizza love has been going to Nick's Place in Raymond on Route 27.

That was a seafood place for a long time, and make no mistake, Nick's still does seafood and roast beef, but they sell a lot of pizza too.

With the addition of Domino's, some people in town have been asking if Raymond should now be considered the Pizza Capital of the state.  What do you think? Yes? No?

Where's your favorite pizza place in New Hampshire?

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