New England Has Had Some Bad Flooding Recently

Take a look at this flooding video from WBZ, taken just a few months ago:

How scary that must have been for the homeowners.

The value of Seacoast homes are out of reach (and basically unattainable for most). But if we wait around long enough, I have a feeling that the prices are going to come down exponentially, because these Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts towns will be partially underwater in 50 years, according to  

Look at this.  The red section indicates that these areas will be underwater in 50 years.  A closer look is further down.

Take a closer look at Hampton Beach:

This is a closer look at the Newburyport, Massachusetts, Plum Island area:

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According to Climate Central, they based these findings on leading science journals, but since the maps incorporate a lot of data, they do include some errors. These maps should be used as a simple guideline to take a deeper look into problem areas.

I'm no environmentalist, but in my opinion, there's not much we can do about it.  The Earth is constantly changing.  It has changed before the arrival of human beings, and it will continue to change after we have gone.  That doesn't mean that I wouldn't be for going for it full speed ahead if there's anything we can do about this. However, I have always known that Mother Nature is the Boss, with a capital B.  If she wants to take out a few beautiful houses on the water in Rye, New Hampshire, there's not much we can do to fight it.

The Earth is Constantly Changing

What's the worst flooding you can remember?

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