Now whenever something awesome happens on Jeopardy! I say to myself "Alex would have loved this". I can only hope he is looking down and smiling as he continues to host a trivia gameshow in the sky.

As the rotating door of Jeopardy guest hosts continue, Katie Couric was hosting last week. Though no one will ever fill the legendary shoes of Alex Trebek, Katie is doing a pretty dang good job. According to WGME, there was a contestant named Matt Walks from Billings, Montana. Matt didn't pull out a win in Double Jeopardy but he is heading home with a really cool story and some say that is better than anything money can buy.

the clue was: 

This "sweet" mountain in Maine's Carrabassett Valley is one of New England's premier ski resorts

As you can see, faster than a speeding bullet, Montana Matt hit his buzzer and said "What is Sugarloaf?" And of course it was correct.

Apparently, someone who works at Sugarloaf Mountain saw this fleeting moment and loved it a lot! I mean, who doesn't love free marketing? They appreciated how quick on the buzzer Matt was and they are offering him a season pass to their epic ski resort. Since it is already March, I'm thinking they are referring to a pass for next year.

As far as we know, Matt hasn't come forward to claim his season pass yet but I bet  he will!

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