You know the feeling you get when Alex reads of a category on Jeopardy, and you basically yell at the TV until one of the contestants chooses your sure slam dunk? For me, it's the music/chart history. Sports is usually something I can easily kill, but most of those are in round one.

Last night,  contestants were diving into a geography cat on Double Jeopardy, and this softball was served:

#NewHampshire. Blanking #jeopardy contestants $600 at a time.

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What?? NONE of them knew the answer? You don't have to live here to know the Old Man is a symbol of the state. It's like biff'ing a question about San Fransisco when the answer is about the Golden Gate Bridge. This was one of those moments until I waited AFTER the video stopped to vent frustration on what should've been an easy $600. Come on, I'm not alone on this one, am I?

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