Jimmy Garoppolo's agent has confirmed that #10's Instagram account was hacked, but questions remain.

The early morning post on Instagram had the world of social media abuzz today. It appeared Jimmy Garoppolo, Quarterback with the New England Patriots was saying good-bye to the team and fans. The post included a picture from the team's recent Superbowl victory along with the following text:

'So grateful for my time in New England. Peace out Boston'

Rumors instantly began to swirl about whether or not it was a hoax or if Jimmy G's account had been hacked. Several hours later, the post was deleted and Garoppolo's agent, John Yee told 7 News in Boston the account was hacked.

Now, here's the thing. The New England Patriots have not addressed the issue, neither has Garoppolo himself AND...his Twitter account bio has no reference to the Patriots. Hmmm

Credit Getty Images
Credit Getty Images

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