"You do understand, as a Boston sports fan, why the rest of us consider you guys to be really annoying?”

“I guess you guys hate winning and legacy and dynasty teams.”

Boom. Massachusetts native John Krasinski, forever Jim Halpert from The Office to me, should have dropped the mic and left right there.

Krasinski proves he's a legitimate New England sports fan by capably swatting away this and other banal questions asked by Jemele Hill and Michael Smith, hosts what is likely a pretty terrible show on the ESPN. I say likely because who bothers to watch the dreck this network vomits out anymore? The show is called His & Hers, for god's sake. They're modeling their programming after bath towels now.

Poor John. He's visibly annoyed during his appearance on the Worldwide Leader in spreading misinformation about the New England Patriots. All he really wants to do is promote his new movie and leave these idiots alone to prattle on about LeBron James and Peyton Manning.

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