Visiting clubs hate coming to Boston, and some have even alluded to the Bruins using the situation to their advantage.

Lately, the TD Garden just can't win. Fresh off the ergonomic overhaul which has left many fans complaining about their lack of leg room, visiting NHL teams rate their locker room experience as 'brutal.'

Released Tuesday morning, ESPN polled 50 NHL players on various topics. Turns out, some of them dread coming to Boston. Not because of the team's hot 11-1-2 start, but for their accommodations. One player said in the report “Boston is brutal. You’re right there next to the rink. It’s cold. You’re not comfortable. If you feel comfortable, you’re going to play well, so that’s probably why they do it. It’s a competitive advantage for them.”

At least TD Garden doesn't feature 'prison showers.' This honor was bestowed to the Washington Capitals, who bested (?) Boston for worst accommodations for a visiting team.

On the other side, everyone LOVES going to Edmonton: The Canadian city was voted the best. "The visiting locker room is the best thing about going to Edmonton."


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