Stop by The Stove Shoppe on Route 125 in Epping on Saturday, October 14th, WOKQ's Mark Ericson will be there between 10am-12noon. 

WOKQ will have prizes for your to register to win, plus the folks at The Stove Shoppe will have some great specials for you too. The quality of The Stove Shopppe products along with the workmanship is truly amazing.

The Stove Shoppe, and their other business Fences Unlimited have done work for Mark, the radio station and for the Working Dog Foundation which is the police dog charity some of you know that Mark was involved with for years.

Make sure you stop by The Stove Shoppe in Epping this Saturday, October 14th for The Stove Shoppe's Hot Stove and Fireplace Sale. Savings up to $500 on all brands of stoves, pellet stoves, fireplaces inserts and more!

credit Think Stock
credit Think Stock

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