I'm pretty sure I grew up in a haunted house in West Virginia. My sister, Tammie, swore she played with a little boy named James who lived in our attic. No one else could see James so we all thought she just had an imaginary friend. But she swears until this day that he was real.

Other odd things happened there too. That attic where James allegedly lived, locked with a skeleton key. My parents kept it on top of a mantle in their bedroom that neither my sister or I could reach. And we made sure the attic was locked every night.

One Sunday morning I was lying in bed with a clear view of the attic door. I watched in horror as the attic door slowly creaked open. Yeah...creepy.

Another time we came home from grocery shopping and found a dead crow in our entry way. Feathers were scattered all over the house. Here's the really creepy part. There was NO WAY for the crow to get inside our house. All of the chimneys had been bricked closed. There were no widows open because it was the middle of January. My parents tried to dismiss the whole thing. But they were clearly freaked out too. We lived there for five years before my mom decided it was time to move.

So when people talk about haunted houses I tend to believe them. I also do my best to avoid those places!

According to the website hauntedrooms.com, the most haunted place in New Hampshire is the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods.

The hotel was built by Joseph Stickney in 1900. Once the doors opened two years later, Joseph had come down with an illness and died shortly after. But his ghost isn't the one haunting the hotel.

Joseph's wife, Carolyn didn't sit around mourning for long after Joe kicked the bucket. Shortly after his demise, she married a European Prince. It was after Carolyn passed in 1936 that things started getting a little creepy around the place.

The website claims that in the winter months, caretakers saw an elegant lady walking into the dining room and the lights would turn on and off by themselves all over the hotel.

When the summer staff posed for a photograph they found a shadowy female figure looking through the window behind them!

Today, if you check into room 314...Carolyn's old room...don't be surprised if she shows up in your selfie. Some say it's the most haunted place in the Mount Washington Hotel. Which really isn't too surprising when you consider her giant four poster bed is still in the room.

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