With Halloween approaching, police departments across the Granite State are on the lookout for seasonal vandalism.

According to the Union Leader, Five juveniles were arrested last week and charged with felonies. Nearly a dozen vehicles were badly damaged, in which they allegedly threw pumpkins during a Halloween prank gone too far. Police said a car mirror was broken, and in another the back window of a car was smashed.

According to Nashua police, each of the five juveniles have been charged with a felony count of criminal mischief and will be arraigned in juvenile court.

The extent of damage was far reaching, as authorities began investigating last week after receiving reports pumpkins were thrown at parked cars in several neighborhoods Tuesday night and early Wednesday. According to the Union Leader, the neighborhoods affected were along Broad and Concord streets, Sanborn Drive and near Pennichuck Middle School and Charlotte Avenue Elementary School. Police said smashed pumpkins were found at each scene and had been used to purposely cause damage to the vehicles.


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