There has been a shift in energy this week; a perk in everyone's spirits. Can you feel it? I think a big part of that is the fact that artists are starting to announce tour dates again. It is restoring our faith that things will eventually return to normal.

Eric Church announced his Gather Again Tour which is coming to the SNHU Arena in Manchester December 3rd. Old Dominion is coming to the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion 4th of July weekend (THAT'S GONNA BE A PARTY!) And we just heard that Kane Brown is also hitting the road on his Blessed & Free tour where he will perform at every NBA Basketball arena in the country. According to Taste of Country he is the only country artist to ever do that! Pretty sweet, right? OF COURSE that means he is coming to the TD Garden in Boston. That show will be on January 14th. PS: Jordan Davis is opening! (Love that guy, best beard in country music IMHO)

I have a theory that Kane is looking forward to performing at the TD Garden the most out of all of his tour stops. I believe this to be true because he is a Celtics fan. Before you go accusing me of baseless claims, have you seen this pic of Kane, his beautiful bride, and baby Kingsley all reppin' that Celtics pride?


NOW DO YOU BELIEVE ME?! Either way, we are SO excited to see KB in concert again. I hope he brings baby Kingsley along too.

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