The popular iconic restaurant, Kelly’s Roast Beef, is planning on opening six new locations across New England according to Those locations included Natick, Quincy, Worcester and Providence. They are also looking at locations to expand into mall food courts especially near universities as part of their plan to expand. Kelly’s Roast Beef was founded in 1951 along Revere Beach selling hot dogs.

One night a wedding was canceled, and the restaurant’s founders, Frank McCarthy and Ray Carey took the roast beef from the canceled wedding and served it on a grilled hamburger roll. Hence, a legendary sandwich was born. Kelly’s Roast Beef is not just about the beef, they also serve lobster rolls, French fries, onion rings, plates of chicken fingers and fried clams along with their hot dogs(writing this story is making me hungry for roast beef or a lobster roll)

It is estimated that the current locations sell one million sandwiches a year! is reporting that in a news release the CEO of Kelly’s Roast Beef, Neil Newcomb, said the chain’s “ultimate goal” is to have 50 locations running in the next five years. “Kelly’s is a known brand that people love. People associate it with Boston similarly to the way people associate In-N-Out Burger with California.” Here’s hoping for continued success for Kelly’s Roast Beef.



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