Picture from @Laurenhealy twitter
Picture from @Laurenhealy twitter

Just another reminder of the biggest threat at the beach. It’s not COVID-19.  It’s not Great White Sharks.  It’s not giant jellyfish.  It’s the water.  LMTonline.com is reporting a heartwarming story of a brave Kennebunk, Maine teen that helped a mother and daughter that were struggling to stay up on the water off Gooch’s beach in Maine.  Lucas Drinkwater heard the screams for help and dashed out on his surfboard to aid the struggling swimmers.  Lucas Drinkwater is only 14 years old!  Remarkably, Lucas was able to assist one of the women while someone else came in on a boogie board to help the other woman.


Drinkwater told WGME-TV per reporting from LMTonline.com “She was struggling to stay up, exhausted, and I said ‘Yeah, we’re going to be fine’ reassuring her. And then I looked back at the beach and said ‘OMG, we’re so far away.” The Kennebunk Fire Rescue Division Chief John Brady tells WGME-TV that offshore storms created some rough conditions for the women despite their familiarity with the beach.


I’m glad this story had a happy ending but it’s very much a warning that we are all so focused on COVID-19 and lockdown fatigue that we can forget the real danger right in front of us.  The danger at our beaches has always been, and always will be, the water.  Never underestimate the power of the Ocean. Even if you are familiar with the body of water you are in and are a strong swimmer, conditions can change quickly.  Stay safe out there!



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