It's a sign of the spring season – the opening of the legendary Kimball Farm Ice Cream Shop in Westford, Massachusetts.   This farm has now opened for the 85th time in its long history.

How exciting is this?  Well, one Facebook fan added a haiku in the comments to celebrate.

Haiku for first day.
We sit in our cars.
In warm coats. Eating ice cream.
A New England thing.

The opening of the ice cream store is also a sign of what's to come: the opening of the entire campus in Westford, Massachusetts, including bumper boats, an arcade, bumper cars, a zipline, batting cages, pitch & putt, pony rides, and more.  All of that is coming in mid-April.

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As for the other locations, here's what is open now for ice cream, and what's to come.  Don't forget the New Hampshire locations.

Westford Ice Cream: Now open daily 10am-9pm
Carlisle Ice Cream: Opening Thursday, April 4!
Lancaster Ice Cream: Opening Thursday, April 4!
Jaffrey Ice Cream: Opening Thursday, April 11!

Some of the fan favorite flavors are chocolate almond assault, French toast, black raspberry Oreo, pistachio walnut, vanilla blueberry crumble, chocolate caramel whiskey, malted milkball, peanut butter Butterfinger, and others that change throughout the season.

If you are lactose-intolerant, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy Kimball Farm.  They also offer a homemade vegan ice cream made from a coconut milk base. It's also dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and nut-free! Flavors rotate, so give the store a call the day of your visit to hear what's in stock.

Like it or not (and who doesn't), it's ice cream season at Kimball Farm, now open in Westford, Massachusetts. But that changes next week, with more of their outposts opening soon.

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