TV news isn't always a great source for uplifting positive stories. That's why Chio and I do a feature called "The Good Stuff" twice a day on our morning show. You can catch it at 6:35 am and then again at 9:15 a,. As I was scrolling good 'ol Facebook over the weekend (again, not always the most positive place) I found a story that made me smile ear to ear and it happened right here in New Hampshire.

Kelly Leary shared a video of her Amazon delivery driver who took the time out of her busy day to put her American flag back up after it had blown into Kelly's yard. She didn't do it for recognition, she didn't even know the moment was being captured on Kelly's ring doorbell! She just felt like it was the right thing to do. Watch this:

This video got a ton of comments. Many people commended the Amazon driver on going above and beyond the call of duty. Unfortunately there was a slew of negative comments as well. MANY people pointed out that the flag was tattered and the driver shouldn't have put the flag back up in that condition.

I talked to Kelly who was pretty bummed about all the negative comments the post received when she was just trying to highlight the driver's kind gesture. The flag wasn't torn like that when it was first up. It got in that condition when it was torn down by the wind and blown around the yard. She will be ordering a new one.

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