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The Good Stuff:

A chihuahua and a pig ended up at the same Arizona Humane Society after their owner was arrested. The two became best friends instantly. The dog would ride the pig which led the society to name them...Timon and Pumbaa. Well, a pig rescue ended up adopting the pig (Pumbaa), but they were glad to bring Timon too.

For your local good stuff: If you are a teenager between 14-19 or the guardian of a teenage between 14-19, get this. Planet Fitness is offering free memberships all summer. The free summer membership is open to teens to help improve mental health throughout the summer. Well done, PF. Get that body and mind right.

Famous People 411:

Top Gun: Maverick is crushing the box office. Opening weekend saw a massive 248 Million for Tom Cruise's sequel. Here is a fun fact: Tom Cruise did not want to film the movie. Joseph Kosinski, the director of Top Gun: Maverick, announced that he hardly had 30 minutes to sell Cruise, who at first he had no interest.

Also, not famous yet but, pay attention to the name Dr. Yossi Yovel. He and a team of scientists in Israel made a breakthrough in talking to animals like Dr. Dolittle. Students have used ultrasonic frequency detectors to translate the noises bats make, but that is not all. The team is working with crows and dolphins with the hope of one day opening communication with your pet.

Second Date Update: 

Colleen was not ghosting James. In fact, she was reaching out frequently. But why didn't it work out? You'll have to listen.

Best Concert Ever: 

I got to see my favorite band, Ripe, for the seventh time in a little over two to three years last weekend. I had 30 friends ride a big yellow school bus to Hampton to watch Ripe, and they CRUSHED it. That led to this: what was your most memorable concert and why?

You delivered. We heard from Bill, who had 30 family members take over Gillette at a Kenney Chesney concert. We heard from Shannon, who lost enough weight to sit comfortably at the Bank of NH Pavilion for the first time at Christ Stapleton. We heard from Kate, who was 9 months pregnant at a Luke Bryan concert.

What a day.

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