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The Good Stuff: A pet tortoise that went missing 30 years ago was found ALIVE in an attic! If cats have nine lives, then turtles must have 100!

Famous People 411: Lady Gaga might play Harley Quinn in a new Joker movie, which would be a musical! My Little Monster heart is rejoicing! 

Mean Tweets: In spirit of Jimmy Fallon's "Mean Tweets" segment, Logan and I wanted in on the action. We left a box in the kitchen of our radio station and requested that our co-workers write mean tweets about us anonymously. We read them on air and it was a DOOZY!

Kan't Beat Kira: Jessica from Barrington knew that Blue from Blue's Clue's has a best friend Magenta (did they grow up to be lovers? Inquiring minds want to know!). Her knowledge of children's TV scored her a pair of tickets to see Morgan Wallen in Gilford, New Hampshire! DATE NIGHT for her and the hubby!

Fruit Salad Frenzy: I was munching on some fruit salad this morning and looked at Logan and said "don't you think honey dew and cantaloupe are the most boring part of any fruit salad? It's so bland! I always eat around it!" Logan was appalled, and said that the honey dew and cantaloupe are his FAVORITE PART of a fruit salad. I've never heard anything so ridiculous in all of my days. Of course we brought it on the air, and it turns out we live in a world divided.

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