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The Good Stuff: A single mama who works at pizza place in Rhode Island had her whole day made when a customer gave her a little extra cheddar. Get it?! PIZZA! CHEDDAR! I'll see myself out...

Famous People 411: Sad news on the Britney Spears front. She and her husband Sam miscarried their baby. They are heartbroken, but will continue to try and grow their family. Taylor Swift is winning awards in country categories again at award shows, and Adele bought Sylvester Stallone's estate. It has a giant marble statue of Rocky by the pool. Weird, but cool!

Walking Distance Criteria: What is your definition of "walking distance"? Is it 10 minutes, 15 minutes, under 2 miles, what are we talking here? If I tell my mom a place is "walking distance" and we are walking for more than 5 minutes she will say, WITHOUT FAIL, "I thought you said this place was walking distance?" We took your calls and Facebook comments on this. The most popular answer was 30 minutes or less.

Wacky Graduation Stories: I told a story about a guy in my class who came to our graduation in the buff under his gown. He was thrown out of the ceremony and they sent him his diploma in the mail! Some people had quality tales from their graduation day, and we loved hearing them.

Favorite Call: Nancy from Barrington told us there was a guy in her class who's name was "Dick Hertz" so obviously everyone giggled when he got up and accepted his diploma.

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