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The Good Stuff: Logan shared about a New Hampshire woman who has fought addiction and is now giving back to the community in a massive way. We absolutely love this woman and her mission.

Famous People 411: Manchester's own Adam Sandler spoke for the Tisch School of Arts graduating class at NYU yesterday, and it was HILARIOUS. He basically said "Parents, you messed up! By letting your kids pursue a career in show business, you have endured that they will be living under your roof for a very long time." LOL He's my favorite.

Kan't Beat Kira: Kaylin wasn't able to squeeze out a win on this Feel Good Fri YAY but we loved her energy so much that we gave her the tickets anyway. ALSO, Logan had an oopsie moment when he asked "where did the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire take place"? It is basically the easiest question in the world (the answer is Bel Aire) but both Kaylin and I said "West Philadelphia", and Logan told us we were right. No harm, no foul, but the people were up in arms about it!

What word were you saying wrong for way too long? Logan spent 26 years of his life saying "midrift" instead of "midriff". He was shooketh to find out the truth! The calls came pouring in, and our listeners admitted to all kinds of words they say wrong! It was incredible!

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