It's 2020 and our social lives are limited to non existent (thanks, Corona!) As a result, many of us are using this extra time to tackle home projects we have been putting off for years or to learn a new skill. My brother's wife has been baking bread up a storm and she's REALLY good at it. My brother has been reaping the benefits and we are all extremely jealous.

I have wanted to learn how to ski for ages. I've lived in New England my entire life and have never had anything to look forward to in the Winter. My husband and his entire family ski and every time they go on a ski trip I either stay home or I tag along and drink bloody Marys in the lodge while they ski. (which don't get me wrong, is a sport in itself) I decided, the time is NOW! I want to learn how to ski once and for all.

On Saturday Steven and I went to Kittery Trading Post to get all my gear; I'm talking snow pants, a ski jacket, needless to say it was an expensive trip. SIDE NOTE: did you know KTP had reindeer hanging outside of their store this weekend?! Here's a video in case you missed it. I think this is Dasher and Prancer but I could be wrong:


On Saturday we headed up to BEAUTIFUL Lincoln, New Hampshire to Loon Mountain. I was told that Loon is the biggest, closest mountain north of Boston. I strapped on all my gear and headed to ski school! My teacher Michele was just the most patient and encouraging instructor. We practiced on the Bunny hill and she taught me "Pizza", "French Fry" and some other fundamentals. Her goal was that I would feel comfortable on my skis and be able control my speed by the end of our lesson.

I met up with my husband, his sister, and her boyfriend after my lesson to show them my new found skills. They were SHOCKED that I wasn't wiping out all over the bunny hill. It is a testament to my instructor Michele, she was that good!

I graduated from the bunny hill and tried my first real trail called "Kissin' Cousins". Weird name, great trail! I made my way down the mountain slowly but surely. Here you can see me carving wide S's. My stance is a weird squat but I'm sure I will feel more comfortable standing upright the more I practice.

A lot of people are asking me why I am skiing sans poles. My instructor Michele said that when you are learning how ski, the poles just get in the way. People tend to drag them or they simply don't know what to do with them.

So...will I be going skiing again? ABSOLUTELY! I can't wait. I loved breathing in the fresh air and enjoying nature. If you have always wanted to learn how to ski or snowboard taking a lesson is the way to go. You might think your friends will be able to teach you and you can save a buck but trust me, ski instructors are trained to do this! They are good at it. I am one of the clumsiest people I know. I often trip just walking on my own two feet. If I can learn how to ski, so can you. Get on out there!

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