If Lady Antebellum's fun-lovin', party anthem 'Bartender' is your jam right now, consider yourself in good company -- the band loves it too.

"I just thought it was a great curveball to put out first," Hillary Scott explains in in the video above. "And it's just so fun to perform. It really is. And to watch the girls out on stage every night, just singing every word … It was just continued proof that our fans want fun from us."

"That song's not rocket science. It's just good fun," adds Charles Kelley about the tune that they penned while on the road. "We have to remember too, as a band, not all our singles have to be these big statement songs … sometimes they can just be looking for good times."

And nothing says "good times" more than going out and letting loose with your friends -- something that the band realized as well.

"I think 'Bartender' [and] 'Downtown' proved that to us, that we've gotta let our hair down a little bit on these records," Kelley says. Bring it on, Lady A!

Watch Lady Antebellum discuss 'Bartender' in the exclusive video above, and be sure to pick up their new album, '747,' when it drops on Sept. 30.

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