I just got back from a Shaw’s run, and while it was pretty desolate, I did talk to a few shoppers that are doing whatever they can to help.

That might be picking up supplies for an elderly relative or neighbor, or just making sure they are only leaving the house for emergencies.  The general consensus I got was “I wish I knew what else I could do to help.”

A landlord in South Portland, Maine, IS in a position where he can do more, and so he is.

Nathan Nichols posted on his Facebook page that he is not going to charge his tenants any rent for the month of April due to the serious financial hardships that the coronavirus could bring.

Nichols tells News Center Maine that while he understands that not all landlords can do this, he encourages the ones who can to help in the same way if they are financially able to do so.

Pretty amazing stuff.  Since his original post, Nichols has provided an update:

Thank you to Mr. Nichols for doing your part and inspiring others to do the same!

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