It’s New England and the bounty from the sea hits our table often.  We love to fish and going out to eat at restaurants that serve delicious fish dishes, but do you ever wonder about what it takes to get that fish from the sea to your plate?

According to seacoastonline, you can find out at the premiere of “Last Man Standing”, a documentary film about a dying industry, the small-scale fisherman of New England.

What used to be a profitable industry for a young man decades ago is a tremendous challenge in 2019, the article states, and with commercial fishing taking over, the small-scale operators face obstacles like time away from family and long hours.

The film follows Captain Tim Rider who runs New England Fishmongers, documenting the struggles, the ups and downs and the toll it takes on his body.

The film, which premieres at the Newburyport Documentary Film Festival hopes to shed light on the effect of government regulations on the fishing industry, according to Seacoastonline.

Hopefully, after seeing the film you will appreciate that fish more and maybe do something to support independent fisherman/women.

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