If you're on Facebook, by now you're sure to have stumbled across one or more of your friends sharing this latest 'Warning.'


The good news is it's totally fake, it's not real, don't believe it. Snopes.com explains it this way:

False warnings about hackers invading Facebook accounts to post insulting messages to the walls of friends of the rightful owners of those accounts have been circulating in e-mail and on social networking sites since at least 2011….


The bottom line is that Facebook users have to actively do something (even if they aren’t aware they’re doing it) to open the door and allow hijackers to access their accounts; security-conscious users need not worry that “hackers” will suddenly seize control of their Facebook accounts no matter what precautions they may take.

You still should however, make sure you keep an eye out for things that might make your account vulnerable. Better to be safe than sorry!



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