The company attempted to block the lawsuit, but a Federal judge will allow it.

You just finished your first 5k of the year. Or, instead of going to the fountain, you opt for Poland Spring. It comes in a bottle, has the word 'spring' in it, and the quality must be better. I mean, purer than regular ground water, right?

Not according to a new lawsuit.

According to News Center Maine, consumers from eight different states (all located in the northeast) may file suit claiming that Nestle Waters has deceived them into paying more for the bottled water, which they say is filled with ordinary groundwater. The complaint claims “not one drop” of the water comes from a source that qualifies as a natural spring since the actual Poland Spring in Maine “commercially ran dry” nearly 50 years ago.

According to Reuters, Nestle Waters had argued there was “no fraud” because its water met the various state requirements. Last May, the judge dismissed an original lawsuit. Amended, consumers will try to show that the water doesn’t meet the individual states’ requirements, even if Nestle is meeting Federal requirements.




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