According to Seacoast Online, the adult DVD store on Lafayette Rd in Seabrook could be in some trouble. The article states that on November 14, the business was raided by Federal Law Enforcement agencies.

A few other businesses were raided as well, all owned or occupied by William F. Walsh.

The paper says attempts to reach Walsh for comment were not successful.

I have know idea if any illicit or illegal activity has been happening in this establishment. But personally, I don't understand how places like Leather and Lace remain in business in the year 2019.

Adult films are so easily accessible on the internet these days. Is there really a need for people to watch an adult film in a dingy booth?

Here is one of the reviews from Yelp that cracked me up:

HAHA there's a "whackin' off" booth here!!  You can buy "tobacco" paraphernalia here as well.. Quite the establishment. WHATTTT?!!?! I had no idea people actually would work at these places. I was curious what this place was, but I would be too embarrassed to go again in case I was seen by someone!

That Yelp user gave the place 3 stars. I also read in another review that despite the name, they don't sell any leather. Now, that is a bit deceiving.

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