Because holiday feel-good stories aren't going to end with Christmas.

An Exeter woman's Christmas wish came true, thanks to a company based in Hooksett. After viewing a segment on WMUR News 9's "7 Second Letters to Santa," Dusty Decatur was granted her wish.

On the program she stated “My Christmas wish is a cure for cancer, a water heater and my kitchen plumbing.” Watching the show was SAM Mechanical Services owner Steve April. The business, based in Hooksett was able grant Decatur’s Christmas wishes at no charge. He and his crew installed it Monday.

April said that while he doesn't have the cure for cancer, he'd love to fix the plumbing and install a water heater for her. The business owner said he felt the need to reach out and help a fellow New Hampshire resident during the holiday season. He is set to reveal the motivation in a segment set to air on WMUR news 9 Monday at 6 pm.



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