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The show starts with some fun and somewhat unsettling facts about Friday the 13th. Apparently an asteroid will fly by Earth on a Friday the 13th in 2029. Side note: no chance it hits the Earth.

The Good Stuff: 

A car in Florida was rolling backwards into an intersection...the driver was unconscious. A coworker who saw the ordeal got out of her car and started telling traffic. Simultaneously, a group of a dozen good samaritans helped. One grabbed a dumbbell in their truck and smashed the window to wake up the driver. No one was hurt.

Famous People 411:

This is epic. Kira and I got the chance to chat with LOCASH about their new song "Beach Boys." While we both agree it is fun in the sun and arguably the summer song of 2022, what came from the conversation was a bucket list item I never thought I would be able to cross off. I, Logan Sherwood, sang with the Beach Boys. Okay, I am greatly exaggerating; however, Mike and Bruce of the original Beach Boys surprised us on the call, as they are also on LOCASH's new song.

Near the end of the conversation, I mustered up the courage to sing one line from a song - they responded with a harmony. Life complete.

Logan's Registry:

So I am getting married October 7, 2022. It's five months away and I do not feel prepared. Yikes. Anyway, it is registry time. My fiancé, Missy, has already added endless, useless things to my registry and I now need help. Fast.

We turned to you. What are the must-haves for my wedding registry?

I had some great advice and suggestions. One of my favorite callers, Rebecca, suggested to add hobbies that Missy and I have. She suggested sleeping bags, tents, camping gear, etc.. I enjoyed Nicole's suggestion of the vacuum sealer. She said she uses it all the time for leftovers, frozen food, minimal Tupperware, etc.. I love it.

Fun Part:

I received numerous complements on my mushroom shirt, which I felt worthy of sharing. Yes, I am a fun-guy.

Best Part:

We knew some people would be coming into the studio to pick up tickets. It happens from time to time. We did not expect one of those ticket winners to be our loyal listener, now friend, Crystal Pistol. She brought me and Kira coffee and munchkins, which made our Friyay.

Private Maine Island Rental

The private island is located off the coast of Stonington / Deer Isle. It can be rented for about $1,000 per night from VRBO.

Million Dollar Maine Cabin

Get this, there is a cabin in the woods, in Maine, with a horse barn, 27 acres, a full bar, and room to roam in Maine's nature.

It is technically a cabin but in my opinion, more of a huntsman or nature lover's compound. It is located in Stow, Maine at 54 Chatham Road. With 4 beds, 3 baths, and almost 30 acres, you're going to get a bucket full of pieces and what I'd like to call, "wildlife luxury."

Coming in hot at 1.1 million dollars, I will break down some of the amenities of this cabin in the woods that Daniel Boone would probably faint for.

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