I just recently joined the New Hampshire Brewed Facebook group and I'm so glad I did! I am discovering so many new breweries that I want to visit in our fine state. Like Pipe Dream Brewing in Londonderry!

Pipe Dream Brewing is a Veteran Owned brewery with West Coast inspired beer. They carry a wide selection of beers; sours, blondes, IPAs and everything in between. Their beers also have really fun names which I respect such as "Adult Nuggets IPA" and "What up, Beaches? IPA" And HOLD THE PHONE, they have a Captain Crunch Stout?

Why am I not there at this very moment? They also appear to have an awesome brunch menu that I might need check out this weekend. Yes, I am a basic white girl. I love brunch, Ugg boots and all things pumpkin and I am not ashamed to admit it.

SPEAKING OF PUMPKIN, they recently announced they brewed up a Pumpkin French Toast beer and are releasing it this Friday. I just might keel over with excitement. They took their seasonal Pumpkin Ale and infused it with loads of Cinnamon Toasted Cereal.

The result? It's is a slightly sweet, bready, Pumpkin ale with a cinnamon maple twist.

Oh great. Now I need to clean up the drool from my keyboard. The thing is, they only made one batch of these bad boys for the Fall. 4-Packs will be available this Friday (10/13) at noon and it will also be on draft all weekend in the taproom.

Here are the taproom hours listed on their Facebook:

Mon. & Tues. > 3-7pm
Wed. & Thurs. > Noon-8pm
Fri. & Sat. > Noon-10pm
Sunday > Noon-5pm

Welp, I know where I will be this weekend.

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