Covid-19 has taken so many of our Summer pleasures away! Vacations, concerts, and weddings just to name a few. But it can't take the Perseid meteor shower away. According to the Patch, the meteor shower will build to its peak between August 11th and 13th when 50 to 75 shooting stars an hour may be seen in the skies over New Hampshire.

So when is the best time to catch this dazzling sky show? The site states the hours between midnight and sunrise are the best time to scan the sky. The moon is in it's last quarter phase so it's brightness will take away from the show a bit.

Do you need a telescope or binoculars? The patch says no siree, Bob! The site actually states that using a telescope and binoculars are a disadvantage because the more sky you arte able to see, the better your chances are of seeing a meteor. Give yourself half an hour to 45 minutes so your eyes can adjust to the night sky and avoid looking at your phone. Can you handle not looking at your phone for that length of time? I think we should all try. It will be good for us.

So keep your eye on the sky and let us know if you catch one!

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