It’s that time again.  Holiday Shopping has Begun


Are you excited to shop for the holidays, or do you dread it?  Instead of shooting for the perfect item, maybe give the gift of an experience to your favorite person.  I like to look for other people and give them the gifts that I would like.  Somehow, not everyone is thrilled with the car parts I wrap up and put under the tree.


Since the Shelves Are Bare


It seems like the news is filled with shipping delays and the stores have some empty shelves.  Holiday shopping this year could be a challenge.  My idea is to not buy material but give them a gift that is an experience they will enjoy and remember for a lifetime.  Traveling is kind of dodgy this year so maybe that trip to Venice is off the list.  But… you can take your sweetheart away to a spa and give him/her an amazing experience and melt all their stress away.


Great Choices of Spas in New England


According to, you have a great selection of top-notch spas in New England.  Twin Farms Spa in Vermont looks so relaxing.  Imagine soaking in a hot pool watching the snow outside some giant windows.  Cliff House in Ogunquit, Maine is just like the name says. You can spend a memorable day at The Spa at Cliff House and enjoy their wellness center.  How about a trip down to Rhode Island?  You can stay at the Ocean House and admire the Victorian charm of days gone by while getting a relaxing spa treatment at Oh! The spa inside the Ocean House Hotel. The best part about a spa day gift is that you can book for any time of the year, so you can give the gift of wellness, relaxation and your gift recipient can book their day at their leisure.  Oh, and *hint-hint* this would be the perfect gift for your favorite morning show guy, me.  Happy stress-free shopping!



Speaking of the gorgeous state of Maine...


In Maine, it's not hard to find businesses, restaurants, and shops with great customer service. It could be we are that way because of the many tourists that visit us. Or it just might be our stubborn Yankee roots that we like to treat people the way we want to be treated.

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