Bears are popping on the news today.  NECN reports on a woman whose dinner was snatched from the back seat of her vehicle.

Lobin Frizzell, from Sandwich, New Hampshire (no, I am not making this up) had her lobster roll sandwich brazenly stolen from the back seat of her vehicle on September 24, the news article reported.

Sandwiches are not safe in Sandwich, New Hampshire apparently.

NECN says that Frizzell had dropped off a client at the Portland International Airport in Maine and decided to grab a Lobster Roll at the Bay Haven Lobster Pound in Cornish, Maine, for her dinner that evening.  After completing some errands and arriving home and starting dinner she remembered the lobster roll and went to her car to retrieve it.


Fortunately (or perhaps, unfortunately) she left the rear window to her vehicle open and based on the paw prints the evidence fits that a bear took advantage of the open window and grabbed the lobster roll, according to NECN.

Would a bear smash a window to get the lobster roll?

Frizzell has a sense of humor about the incident saying to NECN: “Don’t wait to enjoy your dinner.  It’s like a homework excuse – a bear ate my lobster roll.”

Not many bears get to enjoy lobster every day.


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