It’s a great time for lovers of shellfish.  And a great time for the people that fish for them. reports that the number is up for scallop season and Maine is bringing in a record crop.

Sea scallops are obtained from boats in the frigid Atlantic Ocean.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration report that the haul last year was in excess of 58.2 million pounds and this year is tracking to beat that record.  The market for scallops has always been big but America has had to meet that demand by importing from other countries.

According to, It appears that the scallop industry here, especially in the northern Gulf of Maine is healthy again thanks to the past years of conservative management that has helped the scallop population soar.  More scallops off the coast of New England means more people can keep fishing and working jobs they love.  Also means I can enjoy my American scallops wrapped in bacon which I think maybe my dinner tonight.




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