When we hear about remote learning, we picture teachers on a computer screen looking at students on a computer screen, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

John King, a science teacher at Lowell Middle School, really misses teaching his students in person and doesn’t like having to stare at black zoom boxes.

According to boston.cbslocal.com, the internet is pretty weak where he lives in Townsend, so he bought a bus and outfitted it as a classroom.

John King tells boston.cbslocal.com “I can actually stand up and write on a whiteboard or talk to the kids and teach my lessons instead of sitting in the car all day.”

That's not the only way he is using his bus.  He has taken the bus to some locations to give the kids virtual field trips such as seeing some dinosaur footprints in western Mass and to the beach for lessons on the ocean, according to boston.cbslocal.com.

Online learning is not a good fit for many students. If any of King’s students are really struggling, he can use his bus to make a few house calls.

One parent, Heidi Kimemia tells cbslocal.com “He was here for a good two hours and my son got a lot of work done.”

John King is just one of many outstanding teachers trying to make learning a bit easier during the pandemic.  I am very sure his students will benefit and remember his commitment.  I have a teacher that made a difference in my life and think about him a lot and how much the extra time he spent with me became a big part of my success later in life.  Way to go John King for going the extra mile and bringing a whole new meaning to the words school bus.



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