If you don’t follow Luke Bryan’s wife, Caroline, on Instagram, you’re missing out. She punks Luke all the time, and they do the 12 Days of Pranksmas together.

This time Luke’s mom was the recipient.

I like how she got in there and got all scrappy. Not bad for a small lady.

Caroline is hilarious. Check out other pranks she’s done. LOL

And below is the first prank where his mom is pranked.

I think they should totally do a prank video here in New Hampshire!

Where would be the best location to pull it off? What would you do?

Maybe it would involve Manchester’s Adam Sandler and go Happy Gilmore on someone in front of Luke.

Actually, Luke likes to take his jeep on tour with him.  I can see him driving Caroline around and have Adam jump out on the hood like he did in Happy Gilmore.

Luke does play a lot of golf.  If he comes here in 2020 and you think you see him at Pease Golf Course, Golf Club of New England or something like that, it’s probably him.

Maybe he'll head to New England to pull one off. Fingers crossed.

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