Joyce Fantasia Murphy‎ snapped these gorgeous photos on Route 11 in New Durham. She said she just loves seeing them alongside different highway routes in the Granite State. She suspects that they aren't even in full bloom but how much more beautiful can they get?!

Prettier than a post card!

I'm about to get a little metaphoric here, so stay with me. These lupines are symbolic to what we are going through as a country. The Winter was ugly and freezing. When we were in the thick of shoveling snow, we couldn't imagine the beauty of freshly bloomed flowers or the feeling of sunshine on our face. But sure enough, with the temperature changed, the snow melted, and these gorgeous flowers managed to bloom. If we as a country are patient and willing to give our issues (global pandemic, racial inequality) the attention they deserve, we will come out of this tough Winter stronger and better for it. And what's after that? Something truly beautiful.

Was that too much of a stretch? Well, If nothing more, I hope you enjoyed some pretty pictures of flowers. We need to see beauty in the world now more than ever!

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