I love hearing stories like this!

John Kinney of Kinney Electricians received a call to go out to an elderly woman's house in Woburn, MA.   A neighbor had recommended him after sparks started shooting out of the woman's light fixture.

You Tube
You Tube

Kinney posted that the woman lived alone, and had no internet or cell phone.  When he went to take a look at her electrical it was a mess, with a ton of hazards.  72 year old Gloria Scott also had no stove and refrigerator plugged in with an extension cord.  Half of the lights were also off.

Kinney says that he fixed what he could, but once he got the lights working again, he realized what disrepair the house was in. Scott even told him that "critters get in".

So Kinney decided to reach out and ask for volunteers to come do some cleanup.  He said Scott has no family and very little income.  Once the yard work and outside cleanup was done, Kinney says Scott was so grateful, that he decided to start a fundraising page to take care of some of the immediate needs like plumbing, drywall and painting.

Kinney's post turned into a ton of news coverage, including CBS, which covered the story on Sunday morning:

Here's the great news!  In the last 30 days, over 2000 people have rallied and raised almost $100,000!

There is now a group called Gloria's Gladiators, " a group of professional tradesmen and volunteers that can be called up on to help any elderly person in need."

So great to hear stories of people spreading love and kindness!


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