Have you ever wished you shared a name with someone famous? Think about it. You could probably get reservations at any restaurant in town on the busiest night of the year. Need a special delivery ASAP? Just mention that famous name, and they're knocking on your door in minutes.

Sadly, it doesn't usually work that way. Odds are when you show up at the restaurant and they find out you're not "that" person, you'll end at a table in the back, near the kitchen. Or even worse, some crazed stalker may end up at your house ringing the buzzer looking for the celebrity, instead of the special delivery you were expecting.

Well according to News 7 in Boston, guy from Mansfield, MA, with the enviable name of Tom Brady, just cashed in on his good luck. He won a free, one-night stay at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Boston.

Boston Magazine says, to win, anyone with a Massachusetts-issued ID card with the name Tom Brady on it could show up at the hotel last Thursday, at noon to claim their prize. Lucky for this Tom Brady his dad and grandfather didn't beat him to the punch. Regular Tom told News 7, he's not the only Tom Brady in the family; his father and grandfather share the name as well.

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