You only get to graduate high school once unless you are Billy Madison. (if you don't know that reference, I'm not sure we can be friends) The class of 2020 is getting the short end of the stick. This pandemic has thrown a wrench in their senior trips, proms, and now graduation celebrations. This is a major milestone in their lives and they aren't getting the ceremonies or backyard barbecues they deserve. It's not fair, darn it! (pardon my French)

Enter Josh Crowell. Josh is a mail carrier in Bow, New Hampshire. Not only has he put his own health on the line everyday so people can get their mail, he is making sure graduating seniors on his route feel special and loved.

According to WMUR, Bow High School decorated the lawns of their seniors with signs on recognition. Any house that had a sign, Josh dropped off a congratulatory card with a Dunkin' gift card inside. I imagine he spent his own money on this heartfelt sentiment! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Josh doesn't know any of these students personally but he just felt like it was the right thing to do. He told WMUR that his route changes from time to time so if new seniors are added to his route, he might not be done doling out gift cards.

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