One of the places where gamers battle other players on an interactive map has been disrupting one cemetery in Maine, nearly causing major damage.

A few summers ago, Pokemon Go became a instant phenomenon. In 2019, it's still a big thing, especially in Portland, Maine. According to WCVB ABC 5, the city has asked the makers of the game to remove several spots within Evergreen cemetery from its map.

Jill Mulkern, who is a park ranger in Portland says participants in the game have created a number of problems. Certain players have almost damaged property or put cemetery workers' well-being in danger. Portland is asking Niantic, the company that created the "Pokemon Go" game to remove all stops, "gyms" and Pokemon from the premises.

Late last week, the "Pokemon Go" community of Maine issued a statement.

"Evergreen is widely beloved in our community as a safe place to play, especially for young children who live in the area due to the beauty of the space as well as the large number of Pokémon that appear.

"Our local leadership team responded immediately to the Parks Department request that we leave the cemetery, and has asked all players to stay out while we try to sort this out."

How big is it in Maine? According to the statement, Pokemon Go has over 4,000 active users.


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