Aldermere Farm and Belted Galloways

The Aldermere Farmland in Rockport, Maine has been used for farming since around the year 1800. In the 1950s Albert Chatfield Jr. and his wife Marion inherited the farm and they turned their attention to beef cattle and found that the ever adorable Belted Galloway breed would thrive on their unique seaside farmland. Thanks to the purchase of a bull and six cows, the Aldermere Beltie herd is the oldest continuously operated herd of Belted Galloway cattle in the United States.

Fluffy Oreo Baby Cows

The Aldermere Beltie herd continues to grow with a number of new calves that are almost too cute with their fluffy hair and their coloring that looks like that of an Oreo cookie! Seriously, they are the cutest little cows you have ever seen! And if they're this cute in pictures, imagine how cute they are in real life!

How to Visit

You can see these sweet babies for yourself at Aldermere Farm's Calf Unveiling Day. The event is taking place on May 8th from 9 am to 3 pm at the farm.

Aldermere Farm is located at 70 Russell Ave in Rockport. Just over an hour and a half drive from Portland, but plan for extra time along the way to stop and enjoy all that coastal Route 1 has to offer.

They would love for folks to come out, see the farm, and the stars of the show, the calves! To stay COVID compliant face masks are required and space is limited. Get all the details on the event and register here.

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