A few weeks ago, he predicted the outcome of the AFC Championship heartstopper. Now, Rev. Mark Tanner has made a fearless prediction about Sunday's Super Bowl.

If you're on the side of New England's team, his prediction is a good one. With the Patriots racking up 34 points over the Rams' 24, many in the Skowhegan, Maine area have faith. According to Central Maine.com, Tanner, who unveiled the sign Thursday said “I think it’ll be a good game, but I’m not necessarily thinking it’s going to be a close game. They want to prove that they’re not old, that they’re talented.”

While other churches have successfully predicted the outcome of a game, Tanner was the only one who has predicted it to the actual score. His sign two weeks ago drew press from all across New England. He told Central Maine.com “I would like to think it was divine intervention, but I’m not that crazy.”


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