The next time you see a panhandler, you may want to take note of the sign.

If drivers are texting, know they are about to get a ticket. This, according to a picture posted on the department's Facebook page shows Deputy Zach Kinderlan holding a sign making drivers aware.

According to the post, the detail was one of many funded by the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety. It is part of a concerted effort this year, statewide, to reduce the amount of texting while driving as well as distracted driving offences that are becoming too common. "Looking at your phone, texting, watching video even if you are stopped at an intersection is a violation. It is Maine Bureau's hope that folks will put the phone down and concentrate on their driving."

The detail in question was performed in Topsham, but officials say it isn't a one and done. They are conductioning similar details statewide.

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