AAA forecasts that 53.4 million people will be traveling over the course of this 2021 Thanksgiving Holiday. According to their website, 48.3 million of those folks will be taking to roadways. So it's pretty safe to say that those who are venturing out this holiday season should expect to see a definite uptick in travel traffic this year.


As Maine's transportation agencies, like the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety, ready themselves for the increase in travelers along Maine's highways and byways, they are encouraging drivers to be prepared for the heavy traffic and delays.


They're also encouraging those behind the wheel to drive carefully, but to also drive responsibly; that means not driving if you've been drinking or using drugs.


"From 2015-2019, 135 drivers involved in fatal crashes on Thanksgiving eve were alcohol-impaired. If you’ve been drinking, call a sober friend, taxi, or rideshare to get you home safely."


Aside from choosing a designated driver, the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety is also reminding drivers to buckle up: "Every trip. Every time."


The Maine DOT is doing its part with another round of holiday traffic signs. This time around they're Thanksgiving Themed.

If you're taking to the skies instead this holiday, remember timing is everything.


The Bangor International Airport posted on its Facebook page that travelers should plan to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before their plane is set to take off and go directly through the TSA screening after checking in with their airline. They recommend this as the best way to ensure you don't miss your flight.

However you plan to travel to your Thanksgiving destination, please be prepared, be safe and be kind this holiday season.

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Stay In This Maine Airbnb Complete With A Caboose

This train is going nowhere and that's all right with us.

Wow, take a peek at this Airbnb listed at $140 a night in Knox, right down the road in Waldo County. This cool and unique little setting featuring a cabin and caboose is located on farmland and can sleep up to 8 people. With 3 bedrooms and two baths, it's listed at $140 a night and looks like it would be a whole lot of fun.

The caboose itself was a working train car and part of the Maine Central Railroad up until 1992. Just imagine the train workers that stayed within it and the miles that it racked up all across Maine.

How could you not love a stay where chances are that you may interact with an emu and a Great Pyrenees Belly dog?

And the caboose looks to come in real handy if you have kids, who can sleep there while you have the cabin all to yourselves!

95% of the guests that have stayed here have given it a 5-star rating so sign us up! Let's take a peek.