Dorthea Brown was born in 1915. That makes her 104 years young today. The Lewiston, Maine woman hosts a “sit and knit” night on Thursday evenings when she stays up late and knits with friends. reports on her remarkable story of resilience. Her mother taught her to knit when she was just four years old so Dorthea Brown has lots of experience in knitting!

She was born in Nova Scotia to a cobbler and recalls her father making her shoes which she felt were ugly. She preferred to go barefoot. This did not endear her to her father so you might say she has a bit of a stubborn streak. Each Thursday night, friends gather in Dorthea’s home for a “Sit and Knit.” Many friends, family, and neighbors help Dorthea, or Dottie as she likes to be called, do things like take her trash, give her rides to church and check on her all the time.

They assist her with grocery shopping, balancing her checkbook and other duties around the house. The tie that binds them all is knitting according to It seems that Dottie’s hobby has given her a sense of purpose and helped her keep friends which adds greatly to her quality of life. Perhaps it’s time I learned how to knit. Keep going, Dottie!