It's one thing to understand the feeling of a country song, and another to think about acting on it's lyrical content. Taking matters into your own hands has landed one 29 year old woman in hot water, after she allegedly set fire to her boyfriend's possessions after an argument.

First reported by, police say Victoria Mann recently was involved in an argument with her boyfriend. Following the quarrel,  the boyfriend left the location, and police say Mann then dragged the boyfriend’s clothes and a few belongings into the street and then set fire to them. Mann, who lives on Summer Street, was arrested on charges of arson and criminal mischief. Police Chief Joe Massey told the paper police were called to Summer Street around 8 p.m. Sunday night because of a fire in the street.

Mann was released on $3,000 unsecured bail. She has a court date set for July 23 at Kennebec Superior Court. For those wondering about the boyfriend, his name has not been released, as he is considered a victim.


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