Maine's Mountains

I don't have to tell anyone that Maine is a mountainous state. Numerous ranges call Maine home, and many mountains have national appeal.

There are 4,000 footers, 360 degree summits, coastal gems, challenging climbs, and picturesque terrains.

What's best is the incredible variety of mountains Maine has.

All shapes, sizes, and skill levels can be found all over this state. It's a wonderful quality that has helped keep plenty of tourists coming to hike and enjoy Maine's peaks.

Maine's Most Popular Mountains

With mountains being such a big part of our existence here in Maine, it made me curious about which peaks are the most popular. What are the hikes, climbs, and jaunts that Mainers truly love the most?

Is it the popular peaks or the off-the-beaten-path secrets?

I knew some of the favorites would make the list, and they did. It was no surprise to see Katahdin, Cadillac, and Sugarloaf make the list. These are all well-known and highly popular.

However, there are a few that were surprising to see, especially the Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary.

This is a wonderfully diverse list that includes many peaks from the Northwest and Baxter State Park, as well as coastal and lake-based mountains. It's a true Maine mashup.

As proud as I am to have climbed a few of these, it's certainly exciting to see many others that have piqued (no pun intended) my interest.

Below is the list of Maine's (nearly) 20 favorite mountains. How many of these have you climbed?

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