Make plans now, the Fryeburg Fair is back!

Whether it's animals, food, games or rides - no one does it better than the Fryeburg Fair and we all missed it last year!


It's one of the oldest fairs going, having started back in 1851 with just a few local farmers and merchants getting together to show off their harvest, produce, cattle, and goodies to the community. It's not only Maine's biggest fair, but it's second in New England in size only to the Eastern States in Massachusetts.

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The Fryeburg Fair has grown to 185 acres with over 100 buildings. The eight-day fair has over 3,000 animals including prize-winning draft horses, ponies, racing horses, oxen, dairy & beef cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry, rabbits and much more. So put it in your calendars now - it's happening:

OCTOBER 3 - 10 2021!

Back in the day, a guy named William Walker from Lovell won $3 for the best acre of corn and William Spring from Brownfield got himself a whole dollar for the best seed wheat. Over a quarter of a million people now head to Fryeburg for the first week in October. You'll know the fair is hopping when you sit on Route 3 for a good 30 minutes going nowhere. I can't wait! Check back for ticket information on when to buy yours!

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