So there I was driving through Somersworth this morning, heading to work in the wind and the cold when I realized I was running low on gas. I was going to pay with plastic because who carries cash anymore? The thermometer read 9 degrees when the gas pump began playing 20 questions.  I appreciate the security questions they use so someone doesn't steal my money,  but on a day like this I just wanted to get my gas and go.  What is my zip code? What is my debit card PIN? Would I like a car wash today? Do I have a rewards card? STOP!! I just wanted twenty bucks worth of gas and to get to work like the rest of you. OK, that's the end of my rant for the day.  So, here's a reminder to get gas the night before when its not so frigid outside. As one of my old bosses used to say, "I don't wait well!"



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