April the giraffe FINALLY gave birth after a ridiculously long pregnancy. But people were patient and continued watching via giraffe webcam set up at the Animal Adventure Park. Once that was over people needed a new creature to monitor.

Falcon Watch 2017 is the latest and greatest live birth that had everyone's feathers ruffled (no pun intended) The cool part about it is it happened right here in NH! The cameras are courtesy of  Single Digits Inc. and New Hampshire Audubon.

According to WMUR, a pair of peregrine falcons laid four eggs one hatched in the early hours of Friday, May 5th and by yesterday evening all four eggs had hatched!

At first, I didn't understand the hype. Why are people hovering around their computers for hours on end hoping to catch this happen in real time?  But after reading the live comments I get it. It's exciting! Plus there is nothing more beautiful than watching a creature enter the world for the first time whether it be a giraffe, falcon or human baby. (though I hear human births are pretty gooey)

So this begs the question, what animal's birth will be live streaming next? I vote turtle!!!!!

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